Oakland Off-leash Dog Walker – About

Oakland Off-Leash Dog Walker - About ImageMy name is Aaron Uplinger, the owner and operator of Dog About Town – an Oakland off-leash dog walker.  I have been around all types of animals since childhood and I have always had a special kinship with dogs in particular.  I bond and form positive relationships with dogs very quickly.  This is Zoe (pictured left).  Zoe is a pit bull I adopted in 2010 from Rocket Dog Rescue
when she was six months old.  Choosing to adopt a dog that was in need of a loving home was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Because she is like a daughter to me, I understand the importance of choosing a trustworthy and experienced dog walker.

I specialize in small off-leash group walks to many parks and trails in Oakland.  In addition to my extensive experience working with dogs of varying temperament and levels of training, I wanted to learn more advanced techniques and methods of providing the best care for dogs and therefore chose to be certified by dog*tec.  Dog*tec is a well-respected organization that gives dog walkers the necessary tools to successfully maintain exemplary dog walking practices.  I am also trained and certified in Pet CPR and First Aid by PetTech.  Positive reinforcement (a reward-based method) is the only method I use with dogs.  I take the safety and well-being of each and every dog in my pack seriously and I will always strive to maintain the highest standards in canine care for each of my clients.